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ELITE Holsteiner

1987 Bay Holsteiner Stallion, 16.3hh (169cm)

Jumping Index: 163

Sire: Ahorn Z Elite Hanoverian

Dam: Ribecka St Pr St Holsteiner


Acord II was winner of stallion performance test at Münster-Handorf (Westfalen) ranking 1st in jumping and 2nd in the dressage out of 60 horses with a total index of 146.04. He also successfully competed up to S-level in show jumping and was vice champion at Bundeschampionate in the jumper division in 1992.  Acord II offspring have a reputation for being elegant and typey with a willing attitude and excellent jumping technique.  Many of his progeny are competing at the international show jumping level.

VDL Stud

AHORN (Olympic Ahorn)

PREFERENT Hanoverian

1982 Bay Stallion, 17.0hh (172cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 149

Reliability 94%

Sire: Nimmerdor Pref 

Dam: M. Hyazinthe


Ahorn is the sire of many International show jumpers, keur and champion mares and stallions. Ahorn himself was approved in almost every studbook and produced international level jumpers such as Jeremy, Icamorka, Dublin, Iron, Ivor, V&L Channel, Ihorn, Gambit, Australia 2000, High Valley Z, Eurocommerce Geneve, and High Five.


ELITE Hanoverian

1979 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (169cm)

Sire: Almé Elite

Dam: Heureka Z


Ahorn Z became an international jumping legend with the Dutch team competing in many World Cups and Grand Prix.  He is famous for producing international show jumpers and breeding stallions, including Acord I, Acord II, and Acord III.  Ahorn Z transmits courage, determined character and sincere force and structure without removing class.


Ahorn's dam, Heureka, competed internationally and had many wins in Hamburg, Aachen, Bruxelles, Noerten-Hardenberg, Vienna, and Berlin, and won the Grand Prix of Aachen.  She was one of the most successful international jumpers in the period 1969-71, and is ranked as one of the best broodmares in the world.



1980 Chestnut Stallion

Sire: Almé (SF) 

Dam: Landmaid (Hanov.)


Approved Bayern stallion (Bavarian)



© Brullemail photo by 

Bernard le Courtois

ALMÉ (Almé Z)

ELITE Selle Français

1966 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Ibrahim (SF)

Dam: Girondine (SF)


Almé, an influential and foundation sire for the Selle Français breed, excelled as an International jumper.  With dual recognition as the "Father of World Breeding" and "The Stallion of the Century", only Northern Dancer is comparable in pedigree and influence on modern breeding.  Occasionally, his name appears as Almé Z, where the "Z" denotes his brief stay in Zangersheide.  Today Almé is the only stallion in the World to have fathered 2 World Champions and 3 Olympic horses.  Almé competed internationally with François Mathy and Johan Heins at a time when it was unusual for a stallion to both compete and stand at stud.

ALOUBÉ (Aloubé Z)


1979 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (170cm)

Sire: Almé (SF)

Dam: Gotendirndl Z (Hanoverian)


Aloubé Z was an internationally successful jumper starting for Austria, as well as a proven progenitor via his offspring Hidden Creek Alvaretto (Margie Engle-Goldstein), Prokopp’s As (Thomas Frühmann), Aloubé’s Orion (Peik Andersin), the stallion Alcatraz, Ammar (Boris Boor) and his grandson Controe (Marco Kutscher).  His 2006 FN Jumping Index is 122 with 90% Reliability.


Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1972 Brown Stallion, 16.1hh (166cm)

Sire: Utrillo 432 (Hanov)

Dam: Alprosen 340 (SWB)


Graded A for good progeny and sire of the licensed stallions Alpen Corrado 844 (M-level jumping and dressage) and Steinbeck 688 (S-level jumper.)  Alpen Fürst also sired at least 101 broodmares and many top competitors including S-level jumpers Adola, Alph, Charlie, Macchiavelli and Poseidon, S-level dressage horses Alcon and Alpman, S-level Eventer, Alpin, and Grand Prix competitor Cariff.  Alpen Fürst’s BLUP Total Index Score: 108 (Average is 100).


2005 Hanoverian 

Stallion of the Year!


PREM Hanoverian   

1980 Bay Stallion, 17.0hh (172cm)

Sire: Argentan I (SF)

Dam: Dorle St. Pr. St.


Argentinus led the FN statistics of his age group for the sum of prize money earned by his offspring for an astounding seven years. Expressed in numbers, Argentinus' progeny have earned more than three million DM. At the stallion performance test in 1983 in Adelheidsdorf, Argentinus scored 126 points, finishing third out of a group of 54 stallions.  
Successful in advanced level jumping himself, this imposing sire produced Albano, who won Team Gold at the 2001 European Championships in dressage with Heike Kemmer, Amaretto, the two-time German Champion in dressage with Isabell Werth, and Autogramm, ridden by Thomas Mühlbauer, who participated in 10 Nation Cups.  In 2005, Argentinus placed 14th in the USEF Leading Hunter Sires rankings and was the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year.



1991 Bay Stallion, 17.1hh (174cm)

Sire: Sultan II (ox)

Dam: Abendsonne VII (Trak.)


Arox succeeded in show jumping up to class M (Grand Prix) in Germany before being sold to the US.  He also qualified for the Federal Jumping Championships in Warendorf.


© Gestut Golden Horses  photo by Erwin Escher


PREM-A Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1982 Bay Stallion, 16.1hh (164cm)

Sire: Arram 564 (SWB)

Dam: Elite-Prem Naritza 12921 (SWB)


Asterix left Flynge and came to North America in 1995 where he continued to compete in FEI Prix St. Georges.  Asterix was well-known in Sweden for passing on his wonderful movement to his offspring and is credited with having a very strong mare line.  During his stallion testing in Sweden, Asterix received 9s for his walk and trot both at liberty and under saddle and was awarded 42 points in total (out of a possible 50) scoring 1 point higher than Sweden’s famous dressage stallion, Briar.


ELITE  Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1984 Buckskin Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Elite Napoleon 625 (SWB)

Dam: Elite Bristol Cream 13548 (SWB)

BLUP Index: 

Dressage; 169 (Rank #2)

Jumping; 86


Bernstein 761 ranked 2nd for gaits, 4th for confirmation and was 7th overall with a score of 93% in the 2003 BLUP, and that same year was #28 on the USEF Leading Dressage Sires Rankings.  He ranked 3rd for gaits and 6th for confirmation in the 2000 BLUP, and won his stallion test in Sweden receiving 9's for his trot and canter.  Bernstein was the Breeder's Trophy stallion winner for dressage in 2001.  Bernstein remains in 3rd place in the BLUP index out of 253 stallions.

Team Nijhof



1983 Bay Stallion, 17.0hh (173cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 141

Reliability 97%

Sire: Landgraf I 

Dam: Loanda


Burggraaf was very successful in the heavier classes of the National Stallion Competition, of which he won the finals and six of the seven rounds.  Later in his career, as an international show jumper with Roelof Bril, he cleared the 2.10m during the puissance of Indoor Brabant in 1991, and in 1993 he was reserve champion of the 1.40m class for KWPN stallions. Internationally accredited progeny by Burggraaf include show jumpers Burggravin, Procops Dumbo, Su-blieft, Hevalietje, Jumper and Graaf, as well as the Grand Prix dressage horse, Florijn (USA).  In 2004, Burggraaf ranked 3rd, and in 2005 he ranked 9th for the USEF Leading Jumper Sires as well as placing in the top 10 for dressage sires in 2004. 


ELITE Holsteiner

1974 Bay Stallion, 16.1hh (165cm) Stamm 767

Jumping Index: 136

Sire: Elite Cor de la Brèyre (SF)

Dam: Elite Furgund (Holst)


Calando I was a champion German show jumper with Karsten Huck and competed at the Grand Prix level.  Calando I was well-known for his enormous jumping ability and produced spectacular jumpers with outstanding scope and bascule.  Calando I was in the USEF top ten Leading Jumper Sires rankings during three consecutive years: 2000 (9th), 2001 (8th) and 2002 (7th).  In 2005, he was ranked higher the elite jumper stallion Voltaire.


PREM-A Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1967 Gray Stallion, 16.0hh (161cm)

Sire: Urbino 430 (Elite SWB)

Dam: Alli II (SWB)


Callaghan is a Premeirad A licensed stallion, which is the highest award given to a breeding stallion and recognizes not only the excellence of the individual, but also the consistent ability to pass on these qualities to offspring.  Callaghan is the half brother to the 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal winner Flying Flamingo and is the sire of numerous international competition and Grand Prix horses.

© Sport Horse Breeder



1973 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (170cm)

Sire: Cor de la Bryère (ELITE SF)

Dam: Tabelle (Elite Holst)


Calypso I produced both dressage stars as well as international jumpers. He is said to be one of the most significant sires and most uniform producer of elegant performance horses. He is considered an important pre-potent sire that consistently produced fabulous gaits and scopey movements in his get.  He has 10 stallion sons and over 140 approved daughters. 


Elite Holsteiner

1975 Gray Stallion, 17.0hh (172cm)

Sire: Capitano (Elite Holst)

Dam: Folia (Elite Holst)


Capitol established himself as one of the great show jumping sires and was represented internationally by his progeny including the preferent Indoctro, his best performer, Gitania, and most notably of recent times, Cento (Dobels Cento), a team gold medalist at the Sydney Games, and 4th Individually.  Capitol I was listed in the WBFSH as number one in the standings with 38 progeny gaining points.  The offspring of Capitol have won the most money in the sport of any stallion in the world.  In the 2007-2008 edition of Monneron, Bernard le Courtois compiled a leader board of the top 75 jumping stallions in the world based on the FEI results of the top 2,515 jumpers.  Of the four major stallion lines, Almé, Cor de la Bryère, Landgraf and Capitol I, Capitol ranks 37th with 8 winners and five of his stallion sons featured in the top 75.  The Capitol son, Carthago is ranked 2nd in the world with 36 winners in 2006.  Cassini I is in 4th place with 29 CSI winners, while Indoctro is 10th with 20 winners.  Interestingly Cassini, Indoctro and Cento, are all out of Caletto II mares.  Capitano's dam Folia is by Maximus an advanced show jumper himself.  


Trakehner (TRAK)

1956 Chestnut Stallion, 16.1hh (166cm)

Sire: Herbstwind (TRAK)

Dam: Cajenne 6 (TRAK) 


Carajan is considered to be one of the ultimate Trakehner jumper of all time and has sired an outstanding number of top level show jumpers.  He has approximately 20 approved sons and over 80 daughters to his name, most of which possess his proud appearance, good size and frame, solid conformation, excellent gaits, willingness to work and jumping talent.


ELITE Holsteiner

1983 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm) Stamm 826

Sire: Caletto II (Elite Holst)

Dam: Isidor (Elite Holst) 


Caretino is already the producer of 18 stallion sons and 114 daughters, twelve of them State Premium. His sire Caletto II was the most important son of Cor de la Bryère.  Caretino won his 100 Day Test and moved on to win the German Championships in Mannheim under Bo Kristoffersen. Under Ludger Beerbaum he continued his outstanding career until retired to stud.
What is astonishing about Caretino is his ability to throw such unbelievable movement and jumpability.  His approved sons, Cheenook, Carpaccio and Cockney are some of the best Dressage horses. Caretino's daughter, Ballerina, is an international jumping sensation. 


ELITE Holsteiner

1991 Bay Stallion, 16.1hh (165cm) Stamm 730B1

Sire: Caretino (Elite Holst)

Dam: Bettina II (Holst) 


Carpaccio was ranked #1 in Holstein with a breeding index score of 145. He was champion of his 100 day test and won his class at the Bundeschampionat. He sired the 2002 Holsteiner Approvals Champion, Chico’s Boy. 


ELITE Selle Français, Holsteiner #210398168

1968 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Rantzau (xx)

Dam: Quenotte (Holst.)


Cor de la Bryère is one of the most influential stallions in modern Warmblood breeding and can be seen in more than 70% of modern Holsteiner bloodlines.  He was recognized as the "Reserve Stallion of the Century" second only to Landgraf I.  "Corde" has produced many top-level competition horses including Contrast, the three-day Eventer, the international show jumpers, VDL Corland and Costa, plus the great 1988 Olympic Dressage Silver Medalist, Corlandus. He also sired Calando I through IV, Caletto I, II, and III, Calypso I through V, and Cordino.  His offspring tend to have good free shoulders along with higher knee action making them very suitable for jumping.  In 2004, Cor de la Bryère ranked 6th and in 2006 he ranked 15th for the USEF Leading Jumper Sires.  As of 1996, Corde's progeny had won over 5,580,000 DM.

Read more about Corde



1952 Black Stallion, 16.0hh (163cm)

Sire: Doemitzi (Hanov.)

Dam: Grafenhaus (Hanov.)


From the famous Hanoverian D line Grand Prix jumping horses.


Read more about Domspatz


ELITE Trakehner (TRAK)

1965 Brown Stallion, 16.1hh (166cm)

Sire: Pregel (TRAK) 

Dam: Donaulied Vom Schimmelhof (TRAK) 


Donauwind sired world renowned progeny including Abdullah, who was a member of the 1984 US Gold Medal Olympic Team in show jumping and received a Silver Medal in the Individual competition, as well as receiving a gold medal in Team show jumping and silver medal in the Individual competition at the 1986 World Championships. Another Donauwind son, Austin, was reserve champion of the 1996 USDF All-Breeds competition in both Prix St. Georges and Fourth Level dressage.




1941 Brown Stallion, 16.1hh (165cm)

Sire: Ferrara (Hanov.) 

Dam: Herzenskind (Hanov.)


One of Germany’s Top Ten Eternal Sires, in his time (1944-67), Ferdinand was perhaps the most famous producer of jumping horses in the world.  Ferdinand himself had earnings of over 1.5 million deutschmarks and sired 12 approved sons, 194 competition horses, and 165 Main Studbook mares even though he was 18 years old before his first offspring was born.  He was sire of the Olympic Gold medalist in show jumping, Ferdl, and of the Olympic Gold medalist in dressage, Mehmed.


2000 Hanoverian 

Stallion of the Year!





ELITE Hanoverian

1986 Chestnut Sabino Stallion, 16.1hh (165cm)

Sire: Furioso II (AN) 

Dam: Gigantin (Hanov.)



* 2000 Olympic Games Team Gold Medal Winner show jumping, Sydney
* 2000 Olympic Games Individual show jumping, fourth place recipient
* 1996 Olympic Games Team Gold Medal Winner show jumping, Atlanta
* 2003 European Championship Team Gold Winner
* Winner of the World Cup show jumping in Leipzing (2004), Credit Suisse Grand Prix CSI in Zuric (2004), Gran Premio Maserati in Aachen (2004), Riders Tour in Wiesbaden (2004), Championship of Dortmund (2005) and the German Championships in 1995, 2000, 2002.  
* Lifetime earnings of Euro 1.8 million
* Jumping index 145.95 (1st place at 100 day test)





ELITE Selle Français

1972 Bay Stallion, 17.0hh (173cm)

Sire: Almé (SF)

Dam: Viti (Trotter)


As a seven year old Galoubet started to compete internationally. Galoubet won the Grand Prix at Wiesbaden, and placed 15th at the European Championships. The pair also took out the French national title that year.  In 1980, Galoubet continued to win in the Nations Cups - in Aachen, Chaudefontaine, Longchamp and Toronto (second in New York). He was eighth at the World Cup final in Baltimore, and eighth at the Alternative Olympic Games in Rotterdam. The following season Galoubet won three World Cup qualifiers in a row at Antwerp, s’Hertogenbosch and Dortmund.


The mighty Galoubet ranked third on the WBFSH standings for 2000/2001, largely on the basis of his Olympic Gold winning son, Baloubet du Rouet

Galoubet has not only been a very good sire in his own right, but also appears to be a sire of sires, aside from Baloubet and Quick Star, there are Qredo de Paulstra (sire of Quattro and Kristy Oatley's Quando Quando), and Quiniou (sire of French team horse at the Sydney Games, Barbarian). He has also proven a good sire of broodmares.


Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1949 Chestnut Stallion, 16.0hh (163cm)

Stood at Flyinge from 1952-1975

Sire: Parad (SWB) 

Dam: Russi (SWB)


Gaspari 340, who is arguably one of the most renowned dressage stallions in history, was an International Grand Prix competitor that participated in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics.  His very famous son, Piaffe, won the European Championships in 1969 and 1971, the individual gold medal at the Munich Olympics 1972 and the silver medal at the World Championships in Aachen in 1970 and again in Copenhagen in 1974. Gaspari is noted as having very good balance, tempo and elasticity that he consistently passes on to his offspring. They have a saying in Sweden: "Buy any dressage horse you like, just make sure it has Gaspari in the pedigree."


Selle Français

1972 Bay Mare, 16.2hh (168cm) 

Jump Index: 186

Sire: Ibrahim (SF)

Dam: Jolie Rose (SF)


Gold Rose was a member of the French show jumping team from 1979 until 1982, during which time she won the Grand Prix of Paris and Madrid and became second in Lisbon, Barcelona and Hamburg.  Her total winnings were 621,000 Francs and she had an untouchable jumping index of 186!  Gold Rose produced two sons that both became approved stallions: Turban Rose in Sweden and Sable Rose (Calvados) in Holland who stands with Team Nijhof (home of Voltaire). 



1949 Grey Stallion, 16.1hh (166cm)

Sire: Goldfisch II (Hanov.) 

Dam: Ampa (Hanov.)


Gotthard is truly one of the greats. For seven years he was the leading sire of show jumpers in Germany - and his influence continues to the present day. During his time he sired over 34 licensed stallion sons and he was responsible for 26 States Premium mares.  Eventually he was to produce over fifty horses to compete internationally and when in 1975, a list of top stallions was published, Gotthard was number one in terms of prizemoney won. Eventually his competing progeny numbered 398, with earnings of almost two million deutschmarks.



1958 Chestnut Stallion, 16.0hh (163cm)

Sire: Graf (Hanov.) 

Dam: Duellfest (Hanov.)


Grande sired over 33 approved sons, 34 State Premium mares, and sent three of his show jumping progeny to the Olympic Games.


Read more about Grande.


Selle Français

1972 Chestnut Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Amour du Bois (SF)

Dam: Tanagra (SF)


Grand Veneur was a popular sire and was often France's leading sire based on the performance of his progeny at the national championships in Fontainebleau.  Fourteen of his progeny won or placed at Grand Prix level, and he produced 74 licensed sons, including Major de la Coeur, who became a most important sire in Belgium.  His elite son, Le Tot de Semilly, along with his rider won 22 international and 63 national Grand Prix and almost 200,000 euro in prize money.  Grand Veneur produced 335 show jumping winners including more than 75 stallions.


ELITE Hanoverian

1972 Black Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Graphit (Hanov.) by Grande (Hanov.)

Dam: Odessa (Hanov.) St. Pr. St.


With a lifetime total of well over five million DM so far including seven Olympic horses, Grannus has become one of the greatest sires in the world. 
When he was eight years old, Grannus won all three jumping competitions at the DLG, and in 1982, he and Guido Klatte took third place at the German Championships for juniors in Bad Segeberg. 
In 1992, Grannus joined the elite group of sires whose offspring took part in the Olympic Games. Three of his sons competed in Barcelona: Imperial, Govenor and Top Gun, who with Jan Tops, helped secure the Dutch team's gold medal.
Two of Grannus' sons made an appearance in the Olympics at Atlanta:  Top Gun for his second Olympic Games and Gaston, the winner of the 1989 German Championships in the class for six year olds, ridden for Italy by Valerio Sozzi. 
In the Sydney Olympic games, Grannus' sons Gismo, Spain's entry ridden by Ricardo Jurado, and the enormous Remus Equo, ridden by Anton Martin Bauer for Austria, competed successfully.


ELITE Selle Français

1952 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (166cm)

Sire: The Last Orange (SF)

Dam: Vaillante (SF)


Ibrahim was ranked first in the list of French Stallions producing winners in CSO in 1970, 1974 and was second in 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1975.  In 1956, Ibrahim was Champion of his age group and later became a highly sought after and foundation sire after his progeny proved to be great jumpers.



1953 Bay Stallion, 16.1hh (164cm)

Sire: Humboldt (Trak.) 

Dam: Italia (Trak.) - Eichendorf (Trak.)


Impuls sired 15 approved sons, 9 of them which were born in Webelsgrund, and over 100 daughters are registered with the Trakehner Verband.  Fourteen times, his progeny won the most prestigious young horse competition of the world, the German National Championships.


ELITE Selle Français

1975 Bay Stallion, 17.1hh (174cm)

Sire: Almé (Elite SF)

Dam: Tanagra (Elite SF)


Teamed with Xavier Leredde, Jalisco won the Grand Prix of Paris in 1983, and was on the selection list for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Before he had the chance to compete at the Games, he was injured on the Spanish circuit, and sold to Portugal, and competed for that country with Manuel Malta da Costa at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

By 1995, Jalisco was number one on the WBFSH rankings with eight horses competing at the highest international level. At the 1996 Olympic Games, he was represented by Rochet M, Surcouf de Revel, Vert et Rouge and Revoulino.


Jalisco has been hugely successful as a sire of sires, and his influence extends throughout Europe. Jalisco B Competition Results:
1988 - 33rd Individually Seoul Olympic Games

1986 - 1st Barcelona Grand Prix

1983 - 1st Paris Grand Prix


ELITE-PREM Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1977 Black Stallion, 16.1hh (165cm)

Sire: Utrillo 432 (Hanov)

Dam: Calnalla II (SWB)


Kaliber is well known for his exceptional temperament and jumping talent; traits that he consistently passes to his offspring.  Kaliber has sired a good number offspring that have been victorious in upper-level competition in dressage, eventing and jumping.



1961 Bay Stallion, 16.1hh (164cm)

Sire: Sailing Light xx 

Dam: Lone Beech xx


Ladykiller xx clearly transmitted his marked type, magnificent head, correct and powerful foundation and excellent jumping ability in regards to capacity, manner of jumping, leg technique and above all spirit. His sons, Landgraf I and Lord, are some of the most influential stallions to date. He also sired other great stallions including Lorenz, Lagos, Ladalco and Lamour. Today it is almost a requirement that a horse from Holstein carries two or three times the invaluable foundation sire Ladykiller xx's blood.


ELITE Holsteiner 32121039166 Stamm 275

1966 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Ladykiller (xx)

Dam: Warthburg (Holst)


By the end of the 1980's, Landgraf I was rated best amongst all sires that had stood at stud in West Germany, and his sons can be found in most breeding regions throughout the world. Landgraf I became the most important sire of show jumpers in the twentieth century having sired the most money winning show jumping offspring in the World.

Read more about Landgraf.



Selle Français

1970 Chestnut Stallion, 16.3hh (169cm)

Sire: Mexico (SF) 

Dam: Peche Melba (SF)


Sire of 1,134 horses.  Le Mexico's breeding values ranked with 146 points in the jumping section alongside such famous performance sires as Nimmerdor, Abgar (TB), Exkurs (TB), Lucky Boy (TB), Farn and Notaris.  Eight years later his jumping index was still above the average with a reliability of 96%.


He was a versatile sire too, for in the ranking of dressage sires, he came in 21st place amongst some 200 stallions.


KEUR Dutch Warmblood (KWPN)

1970 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (170cm)

Sire: Marco Polo PREF  

Dam: Lanita B Model PREF PREST


Legaat was the absolute champion of his testing, having received an 8.5 in free jumping, a 9.5 for jumping under saddle, and an 8 for temperament. Legaat is a keur stallion with 6 approved sons, and ranks highly on the index of stallions.


ELITE Holsteiner

1980 Bay Stallion, 16.2 (166cm) 

Sire: Ladykiller xx

Dam: Lublin (Holst)


Liostro produced over 100 successful sport horses including the Grand Prix winners Otis (Eliza Shuford), LioCalyon (International show jumper with Lu Thomas) and Sapphire (Mark Wattring) who was also the Pan American Games Individual Gold Medal Winner and 2004 Olympian.  Liostro was the leading producer of money winners in the United States in 2002 and was ranked 9th in the USEF Leading Jumper Sires index.  Read more about Liostro.



1983 Flaxen Chestnut Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Marduc (Trak.) 

Dam: Altamira (Hess.)


© Gestuet Falkenhorst, photo by Werner Ernst



1962 Chestnut Stallion, 15.3hh (159cm)

Sire: Poet (xx) 

Dam: Mirakel (Trak.)


Marco Polo is considered to be the most influential Dutch stallion in breeding and jumping and has sired several keur stallions. Marco Polo, a Trakehner bred in Germany in mid 1960's, was an outstanding show jumping sire despite his short stature. His progeny have been successful all over the world and include Vivaldi, Marius, and the famous Whitaker Olympic mount, Milton. His best sons to stand at stud are Legaat, sire of Adios and Cosmos, Recruit, and Irco Polo, sire of Irco Marco and Marcio.

© Horse Gate

MARDUC (E.H. Marduc)

ELITE Trakehner

1977 Gray Stallion, 17.0hh (171cm)

Sire: Halali (Trak.) 

Dam: Madeira II (Trak.)

Dressage Index: 155


Marduc is widely considered to be one of the most important Trakehner stallions of today, having previously been ranked the highest Trakehner dressage sire in the world.  He was awarded Elite status in 1995 for his breeding record.

German Warmblood/Zweibrücker (ZW)

1995 Cremello Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Mega-Star (ZW)

Dam: Panachée (ZW)


Mascarpone was a guaranteed dilution color producer (palomino, buckskin, cremello, etc.) and showed tremendous elasticity in his gaits, and demonstrated superb technique, bascule and scope over fences.  Sadly, he was killed in a tragic accident in 2001.


© Gestuet Falkenhorst, photos by Kirsten Jesinghaus and Gwendolyn Gregorio



1992 Palomino Stallion, 17.0hh (172cm)

Sire: Morgengold I (ZW)

Dam: Pandora (ZW)


Approved with Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar in 1994


© Gestuet Falkenhorst, photos by Kirsten Jesinghaus and Gwendolyn Gregorio



1989 Palomino Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

Sire: Malteser Gold (Hessen)

Dam: Isabella (Hessen)


Approved with Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar in 1991, Morgengold I is a top show jumping stallion in Ireland and won events in the upper levels. A daughter of Morgengold I won the All-Ireland Championship in Goresbridge while a son of his was winner of the Irish Jumping Championship in Millstreet.


© Gestuet Falkenhorst, photo by Sigrid Jäckel


ELITE Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1977 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (170cm)

Sire: Iran 533 (SWB) 

Dam: Josephine 8620 (SWB)

BLUP Index: Dressage; 149 (Rank #6)

Jumping; 115  


Napoleon ranks in the top five sires of the World for producing dressage horses.  Napoleon's sons consistently scored 9's and 10's in their respective testing and many times won their stallion tests.  Famous sons include Amiral (96 Olympics), Nactus, Bernstein, Bombay (Swedish National Grand Prix Champion and World Cup competitor), Gazpon (FEI competitor), and Zephyr.

VDL Stud



Dutch Warmblood (KWPN)

1972 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (169cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 162

Reliabilitiy 97%

Sire: Farn Pref  

Dam: Ramonaa Ster


When Nimmerdor was performance tested, he clearly excelled at jumping and so began his steady progression into the world of International show jumping. Ridden by Albert Vroom, he successfully competed in numerous World Cups and International competitions in Berlin, Paris, Goteborg, Dortmund and London. He was selected for the Los Angeles Olympics, but his owner, Weipke van der Lageweg decided that his focus would be on his breeding duties. 


In 2000, Nimmerdor was elected 'The Stallion of the 20th Century' in the Netherlands. At present, 25% of the top 150 Dutch jumping horses are out of Nimmerdor mares. Nimmerdor holds high rankings in the Dutch jumping index and World Breeding Rankings with a very high degree of heredity reliability [94%].  In 2006, Nimmerdor rounded out the USEF's Leading Jumper Sires top ten.


Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1964 Chestnut Stallion, 16.1hh (163cm)

Sire: Hurricane (xx) 

Dam: Diana 5795 (SWB)


Recognized as one of the top Swedish producing breeding lines in the world (SWB) and is a foundation sires for the breed.

© Horse Gate



1977 Chestnut Stallion, 16.2hh (167cm)

Sire: Weltmann (Hanov.) - Domspatz

Dam: Narzisse (Hanov.) 


Philippo, who combines predominantly jumping blood, has an index of 131.45 points and was ranked 4th of 53 stallions at his testing, and has shown successfully to level Z (4th) dressage.


ELITE Trakehner (TRAK)

1968 Gray Stallion, 17.0hh (172cm)

Sire: Rosenburg (TRAK) 

Dam: Bartenstein (TRAK)


Preussengeist sired over 200 registered offspring, a number of which became ATA Champions in their respective disciplines.  His sons, Kobor Kincsem and Preussenwind, were the 1990 USDF All-Breeds Champion for Prix St. Georges and the 1982 ATA Champion for Fourth Level dressage respectively.


PREFERENT Holsteiner Stam 776

1965 Bay Stallion, 16.3hh (169cm)

Sire: B. Raimond 

Dam: Valine


In 1969, Ramiro (G Ramiro Z) was the absolute top stallion of his performance year and was not only successful with breeding, but also in his jumping career under Fritz Ligges. He excelled in his puissance performances (up to 2.20 m) as well as in competition where speed was essential.  Ramiro moved to Studbook  Zangersheide in 1979 and went to the Netherlands two years later. On the basis of his breeding efforts that earned him world-wide fame, he was declared Horse of the Year at Jumping Amsterdam in 1992. Ramiro is still at the top of the indexes in both jumping and dressage for many breed organizations today.  In 2004, he ranked 8th for the USEF Leading Jumper Sires and 9th for Leading Hunter Sires for the.

SANDRO (Sandro Z)

ELITE Holsteiner  

1974 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (167cm)

Sire: Sacramento Song xx

Dam: Duerte (Holst)


Sandro (Sandro Z) is one of the most successful breeding stallions in both dressage and show jumping, as well as being one of the first stallions to prove himself in the sport.  Under Franke Sloothaak, he accumulated a career lifetime winnings of DM 55,000.  Sandro Z's progeny are very sought after for sport horses - three of his progeny competed at the 1994 WEG in The Hague including Sandro Song (Ante Smlesa), Safari (Michael Abo) and Paradiso (Rolf-Göran Bengtsson).  Sandro is the sire of more than 40 licensed sons, the most successful being Silvio I and II, Sandro Song, Sao Paulo, Salido Z, and Sandro Boy.  In the survey of the world's top 75 jumping sires, Sandro is 37th with 8 CSI winners including World Cup Champion, Sandro Boy.  His best stallion son, Silvio I, is 56th with 6 CSI winners including his most successful son, Shutterfly (Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum).


Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1985 Chestnut Stallion, 16.3hh (170cm)

1999 Jumping Index: 131

Reliability: 84%

Sire: Grand Veneur (SF)

Dam: Gold Rose (SF)


In the USEF 2006 Leading Hunter Sires, Turban Rose (ch 1.70m 1985) ranked only 2 points behind the Preferent Sire or the Centure, Nimmerdor.  In the 1999 BLUP index, Turban Rose ranked 21st overall in jumping.


ELITE Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

1962 Gray Stallion, 15.3hh (159cm)

Sire: Drabant 315 (SWB)

Dam: Nella (SWB)


The elite stallion, Urbino, is recognized as one of the founding sires for today's Swedish bloodlines and is the sire of the 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal winner, Flying Flamingo 481, as well as over 100 studbook mares.  He is famous for producing top winning horses in both Grand Prix dressage and jumping.


ELITE Hanoverian (Hanov)

1962 Brown Stallion, 16.0hh (163cm)

Sire: Ernö 3959 (Hanov) 

Dam: Anisett 60267 (Hanov)

BLUP Index: Dressage; 115

Jumping; 144 (Rank #10)


For many years, Utrillo was the top sire of competition horses in Sweden. He sired top breeding stallions, successful broodmares and international sporthorses. Today, most top competitors in Sweden carry Utrillo once or more in their pedigree. Two of Utrillo's progeny competed in the 2000 Olympic Games.  In his time, Utrillo was ranked 1st on the BLUP index as sire of jumpers and 8th as sire of conformation horses, had an overall score of 97% and his BLUP Total Index Score was 123 (Average is 100).

Team Nijhof



1979 Bay Stallion, 16.2hh (168cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 144

Reliability 97%

Sire: Furioso II 

Dam: Gogo Moeve


Voltaire was the sire with the most offspring at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. As an 8-year-old, Voltaire jumped 1.50m courses with great success. He was especially successful in 1988 winning Nations Cup classes at Calgary, Stockholm, Lanaken, Helsinki, Wiesbaden and Wembley. In 1989 he ended his competitive career with a win at the Grand Prix of Berlin and a 2nd place in the Grand Prix of Leeuwarden. Voltaire has over 50 approved sons and many of his offspring compete at Grand Prix level including: Finesse, Altaire, Kahlua, Play It Again, Helios, Electro, Danta, Especial.  Foltaire, ridden by Gunther Seidel, is a famous son in the international dressage ring.


The world-famous Voltaire was awarded "Hunter Sire of the Year 2001" in the USA, was 2nd in the WBFSH Breeding Ranking of Show Jumping Sires in 1996, and was still ranked 12th with WBFSH for Show Jumping Sires in 2008.



USEF Leading Sires Ranking


1st Hunter Sires

18th Jumper Sires


20th Hunter Sires

12th Jumper Sires


8th Hunter Sires

11th Jumper Sires


5th Hunter Sires

16th Jumper Sires


1st Hunter Sires

11th Dressage Sires


1st Hunter Sires

7th Jumper Sires

9th Dressage Sires



1967 Brown Stallion

Sire: Ferdinand (Hanov.) 

Dam: Domgoettin (Hanov.)


Of the Ferdinand sons, Wendekreis had the biggest influence, producing many conformationally-correct offspring with over 50 approved stallions and 400 Main Studbook mares.


More information and rankings available at the United States Equestrian Federation and World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses websites.




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