Palomino Warmblood Bali

Sabino Palomino Warmblood Colt 

Foaled August 5, 2006

17.0hh+ mature


Bali is a stunning SABINO PALOMINO  Warmblood colt (DNA confirmed) with a large blaze and FOUR stockings.  He has tons of chrome and will be very tall. He is also very social and loves attention.


Bali would make a dressage enthusiast's dream come true with Bernstein 761 and

Marduc in his pedigree, but he should also excel in jumping with strong sires such as Impuls, Almé x 2, Wendekreis, Domspatz, Grande, and Ferdinand as ancestors.


Sabino is quite a rare color in some Warmblood breeds and we didn't even know Medallion carried this gene until we met Bali.  Bali can be presented to the Swedish Warmblood Assocation (SWANA) at any age, and/or the Oldenburg Registry of North America (IISR/OLD NA) and/or the Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association (BWP/NAD) at 3 years of age.


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SOLD!  Congratulations to Jose Pereira who snagged Bali from his competition in Scotland!  Bali will be shown in dressage in future years.


Comments from his owner: "[Bali] is very good, very calm.  He's so big [16.1hh at 2 years old] that he goes like a draft.  We like him a lot!"


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Photos of Bali at a few days, 1, 4 months and 2 years of age.



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