Buckskin Warmblood Swedish Filly Cirque du Soleil

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Buckskin Swedish Warmblood Filly

Registered Swedish Warmblood (SWANA) 

Foaled April 30, 2009

16.1hh mature


Cirque du Soleil, or "Zaia" around the farm, is a stunningly beautiful and elegant buckskin Swedish Warmblood filly.  She is the great granddaughter of For Pleasure, who is considered to be one of the best show jumpers in the world and was recipient of two Olympic Team Gold Medals in both Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000).  He also placed fourth in the individual show jumping competition at the Sydney Olympics.

Zaia received her name from the Cirque du Soleil production where the show is about the dream of a young girl who journeys into space - a celestial connection to her dam's name, "Clair de Lune".  She inherited her dam's trademark friendly personality and will whinny at you in the fields and then come cantering up to you for scratches and pets.  She is so harmoniously correct and balanced that she seems to float effortlessly in her gaits.  She also has amazing natural scope and superb jumping technique.


Zaia's sire is the elite Hanoverian stallion, For Play, who won his 30 day stallion test in Germany.  For Play stood at the Celle State stud and also qualified for the Bundeschampionat.  He was awarded a 10 in his ability in his young horse jumping competitions and has many wins at 1.40 meters as a 6 year old.  Since being imported to the USA, he has also been successful in both the hunter and dressage ring as well - a testament to his versatility.


On Zaia's dam side is Sweden's #2 ranked elite buckskin Swedish Warmblood dressage sire, Bernstein 761.  Zaia's dam, Clair de Lune, is a premium mare who also has some of Sweden's best dressage and jumping bloodlines, also recognized by their elite and premium predicates.


Zaia's pedigree also includes many elite ancestors such as Grannus, who goes back to the world-renowned Grande, Acord II, who is acknowledged as one of the most influential sires in Holsteiner sport today, Ahorn Z, an international show jumper,  Calypso I, sire of numerous successful dressage horses, Gotthard, leading sire of show jumpers in Germany for 7 years, Cor de la Bryère, Reserve Stallion of the Century and produced many top-level competition and Grand Prix horses, Ladykiller (via Ribecka) and the dually recognized "Father of World Breeding" and the Selle Français "Stallion of the Century", Almé.  


There are very few fully-papered buckskin Swedish Warmblood mares in North America and we have had the pleasure of owning 3 mares, including Zaia.  This filly has an outstanding pedigree for any hunter enthusiast with "over-the-moon" jumping potential and fantastic dressage bloodlines for those under saddle classes.  Zaia is a simply breathtaking mare that will continue to turn heads no matter where she goes.  


| VIDEO 1 | (YouTube May 2011)


Congratulations to Chris who named this filly through our second annual Name the Foal Competition!




Mouse-over a thumbnail to enlarge.  Photos of Zaia at 1.5 and 2 years of age.




For Play

Elite Hanoverian

16.2hh Chestnut


For Pleasure

Elite Olympic Chestnut Hanoverian


Furioso II

Selle Français  

Furioso xx

Dame de Ranville (SF)



Grannus (Elite Hanov)

Goldi (Hanov)




Acord II

Elite Holsteiner

Ahorn Z (Elite Hanov)

Ribecka (St Pr St Holst)



Grundstein xx

Fortuna (Hanov)

Clair de Lune

Premium B

Swedish Warmblood


16.0hh Buckskin


Bernstein 761

Elite Buckskin Swedish Warmblood 

Napoleon 625
Elite SWB

Iran 533 (SWB)

Josephine 8620 (Elit-prem SWB)

Bristol Cream 13548

Elite SWB

Kew Gardens xx

Bragansa 9664 (SWB)


Swedish Warmblood

Asterix 694

Premium A SWB

Arram 564 (SWB)

Naritza 12921 (Elit-prem SWB)

Kalida 31


Kaliber 574 (Elit-prem SWB)

Uarda 8633 (SWB)



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