Buckskin Warmblood Swedish Mare Clair de Lune

Buckskin Swedish Warmblood (SWB)

Premium B

Bernstein x Asterix x Kaliber

Born June 7, 1997, Imported

16.0hh (163cm)


Also approved for breeding with:

Dutch Warmblood N.A. (KWPN-NA)

Clair de Lune is a beautiful buckskin Swedish Warmblood mare that was imported from Sweden to Canada in 1998.  She is a very calm, laid back mare that enjoys her work and frames beautifully with only light contact.  She is also a wonderful babysitter for other mares' foals and continually volunteers herself as a co-mom for many foals.  She is by the elite buckskin Swedish Warmblood dressage sire, 

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Bernstein 761, who was the #2 ranked Swedish Warmblood stallion in the world in 2003 behind Amiral, his half brother, who was ranked #1.  Flyinge Amiral competed in the international dressage circuit with appearances at both the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.  In the 2003 BLUP  (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction), Bernstein ranked 2nd for gaits, 4th for confirmation and 7th overall with a score of 93%, and was winner of his stallion test in Sweden receiving 9's for his trot and canter. In that same year, Bernstein was also ranked #28 on the USEF Leading Dressage Sires Rankings.  Bernstein’s get are competing at the international and Grand Prix levels and have been recipients of the Best in Show award and Breeder’s Trophy.  Bernstein himself was the recipient of the 2001 Dressage Sire Breeder’s Trophy.


Bernstein is by the elite stallion, Napoleon 625, who is also the sire Flyinge Amiral as well as other world famous offspring.  Napoleon is ranked in the top five sires of the world for producing dressage horses.  


Kaliber 574 (Elite-Prem) is well known for his exceptional temperament and jumping talent; traits that he consistently passes to his offspring.  Kaliber has sired a good number offspring that have been victorious in upper-level competition in dressage, eventing and jumping.  


Asterix 694 (Prem-A) left Flynge and came to North America in 1995 where he continued to compete in FEI Prix St. Georges.  Asterix was well-known in Sweden for passing on his wonderful movement to his offspring and is credited with having a very strong mare line.  During his stallion testing in Sweden, Asterix received 9s for his walk and trot both at liberty and under saddle and was awarded 42 points in total (out of a possible 50) scoring 1 point higher than Sweden’s famous dressage stallion, Briar.  


For many years, the elite stallion, Utrillo 432, who appears 3 times in Clair de Lune's pedigree, was the top sire of competition horses in Sweden.  He sired top breeding stallions, successful broodmares and international Sport Horses, two of which competed in the 2000 Olympic Games.  Today, most top competitors in Sweden carry Utrillo once or more in their pedigree.  In his time, Utrillo was ranked 1st on the BLUP index as sire of jumpers and 8th as sire of conformation horses with an overall score of 97% and a BLUP Total Index Score of 123.


Clair de Lune successfully completed her 2-year old and her broodmare inspections with the Swedish Warmblood Association in 2000 and 2008 respectively.  At her broodmare inspection, she earned a Premium B designation; the highest predicate a non-diploma broodmare can receive at an inspection.  


Clair de Lune has had 10 foals, 7 of which are dilute: 3 bay Warmbloods (Clairomi '01, Clairvoyant '05, Vámonos '10), 5 buckskin Warmbloods (El Niño '02, Elvis '03, Elmo '04, Clair My Way '06, and Cirque du Soleil '09), 1 palomino Warmblood (Volaré '07), and 1 perlino Warmblood (Crème de la Crème '11).  Her foals are very correct, inherit her very calm disposition and are suitable for either jumping and/or dressage disciplines.  With her outstanding pedigree of Bernstein (Elite) x Asterix (Prem-A) x Kaliber (Elite) x Utrillo (Elite), as well as the bonus of a unique color, Clair de Lune is a spectacular addition to our breeding program. 


SOLD!  Thank you and congratulations to Cindy Weber of Cindy's Warmbloods on purchasing this lovely, sweet mare.  We know she'll be as valuable to you as she's been to us for your breeding program and wish you many years of beautiful foals. 


Clair de Lune's Inspection Results:


2000 Scores 

(2-year old)

2008 Comments (Broodmare Evaluation)

Type = 7

Feminine.  Long.  Good condition.  Smaller size.  Slightly short legged

Head, Neck, Body = 7

Long well set neck.  Deep shoulder & body.  Long loin area.  Long croup

Legs = 7

Well boned

Walk = 8

Energetic.  Clean.  Normal length of stride

Trot = 7

Energetic.  Good hind end activity.  Normal length of stride

Canter = 7

N/A (Canter not evaluated for broodmares)


Exceptional condition for having 7 foals!

OVERALL = 43 points

Premium B Stud Book Mare


Bernstein 761
Buckskin Swedish Warmblood



Napoleon 625
Elite Bay Swedish Warmblood



Iran 533
Swedish Warmblood
Chagall 455 (Elite SWB)
Irja 7508 (SWB)

Josephine 8620
Elit-prem Swedish Warmblood

Juan 370 (SWB)
Diana 5883 (SWB)

Bristol Cream 13548
Buckskin Swedish Warmblood



Kew Gardens xx
Quadrangle xx
Polyanthus xx
Bragansa 9664
Swedish Warmblood
Brabant 448 (SWB)
Bianca (SWB)


Swedish Warmblood

Asterix 694

Prem-A Swedish Warmblood

Arram 564

Swedish Warmblood

Nepal 390 (SWB)

Aida 9566 (SWB)

Naritza 12921

Elit-prem Swedish Warmblood

Bordeaux 502 (Prem-A SWB) à Utrillo 432 (Elite Hanov)

Nathalie 10016 (SWB)

Kalida 31

Swedish Warmblood

Kaliber 574 

Elit-prem Swedish Warmblood

Utrillo 432 (Elite Hanov)
Calnalla II (SWB)

Uarda 8633 

Swedish Warmblood

Utrillo 432 (Elite Hanov)
Trojka (SWB)

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