Our primary rule is: Give credit where credit is due.


Do not use proprietary images or information that do not belong to you without permission.  We appreciate your interest in our horses; however, if you wish to use photos and/or information about our horses, the following rules apply:


A notice to any content, information or photograph owners: Although great care has been taken to ensure that information and photographs were reproduced on this website with permission, if you are the owner of any content and require the content to be updated and/or removed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Breeders, Horse and Foal Owners

Permission is granted to breeders and owners of foals and horses bred or produced by SuperiorHorse and PalominoWarmblood stallions or broodmares for use to help promote their offspring.  Please give credit to the photographer (Christina Kirwan unless otherwise indicated) and link to either the SuperiorWarmblood or PalominoWarmblood website, www.superiorwarmblood.com or www.palominowarmblood.com.  Do not link directly to the photos, but instead, place a link to our website where appropriate.  Request the photo(s) through our online contact form, then upload the photo(s) to your site.  Do not use SuperiorHorse or PalominoWarmblood bandwidth.

All graphics and images on this website have been created and/or customized by Christina Woodley and are protected by the Strategis Intellectual Property Office.  Under the enforcement of The Copyright Act 1968, any unauthorized reproduction of any graphic, text or otherwise is strictly prohibited and is subject to breach of copyright, which is punishable by law.  These graphics cannot be used for any purpose unless otherwise specified by SuperiorWarmblood or PalominoWarmblood.

If you
require a logo from a registry, association or other off-site link, please request the logo from that source directly.  Do not take graphics from SuperiorWarmblood or PalominoWarmblood without receiving permission first.

SIM Game Rules



The URL to the SIM site must be provided to SuperiorWarmblood or PalominoWarmblood prior to the release of any photos.  Please e-mail the link to the page to stable@superiorwarmblood.com  Please limit any other e-mails to this address.


Give reference to the photographer.  Photos on this website are copyrighted by SuperiorWarmblood and several named photographers.  Copyright information must appear under each photo indicating that they are copyrighted.


Give credit to the "real" horse and SuperiorWarmblood or PalominoWarmblood somewhere on the page with a link to www.superiorwarmblood.com or www.palominowarmblood.com - this is mandatory.  For example, somewhere on the page it should say: Photo of Medallion (SIM Name Gold Fortune) provided by SuperiorWarmblood (or PalominoWarmblood).


Request the photo(s) of choice from our online contact form. Do not directly link to the photo.  Do not steal bandwidth. 


THE PAGE MUST STATE THAT THIS IS A GAME ONLY and that it is not real or something to that effect.


Permission to use photos is limited to SIM game use only - copyright is still held by SuperiorWarmblood and any other use other than what has been specified is prohibited.


Privacy Act: Do not make any reference to the SuperiorWarmblood e-mail address or any other contact details other than our website - we do not wish to receive SPAM or viruses.


Current SIM sites using our photos with permission:








www.freewebs.com/shake_hevoset/veronne.htm  www.freewebs.com/shake_hevoset/lindy.htm 







SuperiorWarmblood and PalominoWarmblood reserves the right to revoke the use of any photos, text, graphics, or any other proprietary information at any time, and for any reason.  If revoked, the photos/materials must be removed within ten (10) days of notice.  Any site(s) that ignores these rules will first be given notice to make the changes or remove photos.  If the first notice is disregarded, your website Server host will be notified of the copyright violation.


Example of how a photo credit should appear on a website:


© SuperiorWarmblood, photo of Medallion by Christina Kirwan


Copyright © Christina Woodley 2003 in association with SuperiorHorse®.  All images, graphics, logos and slogans are protected by the Strategis Intellectual Property Office. Click here for our Copyright Rules.