Buckskin Thoroughbred Filly

Foaled April 28, 2007

16.1hh mature


This little darling was born in the middle of the day despite keeping us on foal watch for over a week!  She already shows a sweet and spunky personality and seems to think that people are just a part of mom's entourage.  She has lovely long legs and a pretty refined head.  


Her name is French for "quicksand" and we thought it was very appropriate what with her being from great

racing bloodlines (with several ancestors from France) and with her gorgeous sandy buckskin color.  This filly will be an asset to any breeding program and should stand out in competition.


SOLD in utero. Congratulations to Katie Clark, Michigan, USA


Comments from her owner: "The filly is doing great, my neighbors have renamed her Hazel and it kind of stuck. She is so quiet and well behaved, you did a great job raising her." 


Mouse-over a thumbnail to enlarge. Photos of Sable Mouvant at 1 month of age.


Guaranteed Gold


16.1hh Cremello


Milkies Desire

Palomino Thoroughbred


Deer Lodge à Man 'O War (HOF)

Tootsie T 

Desirable Lady


Petit Coeur à War Admiral (HOF) & Man 'O War (HOF)


Palomino Thoroughbred

Gold Apollo

Milkie à Man 'O War

Wild Jone à Man 'O War




Watch the Lady


16.0hh Bay


Bay Thoroughbred

El Gran Senor

Northern Dancer (HOF)

Sex Appeal à War Admiral x 2 (HOF)



Astania (DE)


Bay Thoroughbred

Val de L'Orne (FR)

Val De Loir (FR)

Aglae (FR)

Aged in Oak

Mac Diarmida

Twin Oaks à War Admiral (HOF)


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