Sabino Thoroughbred Mare (JC)

Born February 23, 1999

Chestnut 16.0hh (162cm)


Perfect Music is by Prospector's Music by the very famous Mr. Prospector. This Jockey Club mare has a lot of sabino characteristics including 3 pointed stockings, a large blaze, and a white "chevron" on the right side of her muzzle.   


Many of Perfect Music's ancestors can be traced back to world-famous racing Thoroughbreds.  European ancestors include: Teddy (FR), Bull Dog (FR), Phalaris (GB), Nearco (IT), Mah Mahal (GB), Mahmoud (FR), Blenheim II (GB) and Sir 

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Gallahad III (FR).  Thoroughbred Sires in the Hall of Fame (HOF) include: The Minstrel, Bold Ruler, Northern Dancer (x 2), Native Dancer (x 4), and Man 'O War (x 4).


Perfect Music had a successful racing career prior to becoming a broodmare.  Her racing statistics are as follows:



Years Raced






Speed Rating

1999 Perfect Music 2 18 2 2 0 $19,998.00 77
North America 2 Y/O Record* 8 1 1 0 $10,087.00 70
North America Turf Record   2 0 0 0 $165.00 60
North America Dirt Sprints   13 2 1 0 $16,808.00 76
North America Dirt Routes   3 0 1 0 $3,025.00 77
North America Muddy/Sloppy*   4 1 0 0 $7,158.00 73
DP = 10-7-9-0-0 (26)    DI = 4.78    CD = 1.04     DI:CD = 4.59       *Indicates a duplicated record


Perfect Music's ratings indicate that she is from an impressive number of high-class pedigree ancestors (DP = 26, maximum 64 points), and has a good speed-to-stamina ratio (DI:CD) of approximately 4.6.  In a comparison, Northern Dancer had DP = 42 and DI:CD = 4.3, Native Dancer had DP = 32 and DI:CD = 4.7, and Bold Ruler had DP = 54 and DI:CD = 2.7.  Her racing placements also indicate that she has a high speed rating of 77 out of a total 100 points.


Perfect Music is a very sweet and elegant-looking mare with fabulous conformation and excellent Hunter movement.  She adds beauty and refinement to her foals as demonstrated in her 2005 Thoroughbred colt.


SOLD! Congratulations to Katie Clark, Michigan, USA


Prospectors Music

Mr. Prospector

Raise a Native

Native Dancer (HOF)

Raise You à Man 'O War (HOF)

Gold Digger


Sequence à Man 'O War (HOF)


The Minstrel

(Hall of Fame)

Northern Dancer (HOF) à

Native Dancer (HOF)


Flight Dancer

Misty Flight

Courbette à Native Dancer (HOF)


St Jovite Pleasant Colony

His Majesty

Sun Colony

Northern Sunset

Northfields à Northern Dancer (HOF)

Moss Greine (IRE)

Cheri Femme Bold Hour

Bold Ruler (HOF)

Seven Thirty à Man 'O War x 2 (HOF)

Bowl of Cherries

Career Boy



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