Palomino Warmblood Stallion Medallion

Imported Sabino Palomino Warmblood Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfDP)

German Warmblood stallion  

Mascarpone x Arox x Alfa Romeo

Foaled March 4, 2002

16.2hh (168cm), 9.0" cannon


Approved for breeding with:

American Warmblood Society (2005)

Rhineland Pfalz Saar SBII (2006)


In Medallion's very Hanoverian-dominated pedigree, we find some of the greatest European jumping and dressage bloodlines.  His great grand-sire, Morgengold I, is a top show jumping stallion in Ireland out of the famous 

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Trakehner dressage line of MarducMarduc is also the grandsire of Hailo, who was ranked #12 in 2005 and #22 in 2006 with the U.S. Equestrian's Leading Dressage Sire Rankings.


Philippo competed successfully to Level Z (Fourth Level) dressage.  Arox, a powerful 5' jumper, was sired by Kassius out of the renowned Trakehner, ImpulsArox succeeded in show jumping up to Level M (1.25m) in Germany and qualified for the Federal Jumping Championships in Warendorf before being sold to the U.S.


Also in Medallion's pedigree is the well-known Bavarian sire, Alfa Romeo, who is by the world-class International jumper, AlméAlmé had a massive impact on the Selle Français breed, becoming a top foundation sire for the breed.  Wendekreis, who sired 50 approved sons that earned their purses in the parcours, along with Domspatz, Grande, and the outstanding jumping sire, Ferdinand, complete the picture of a supreme pedigree.
Medallion received 45 days of professional training with Nadia McConnell, a Grand Prix dressage rider who, for the past 15 years, has been closely working with Eva-Maria Pracht, recipient of the Team Canada Bronze medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.  Medallion demonstrates the same elastic gaits, superb natural jumping scope and technique and nobility as his ancestors.  He is a very athletic and willing mount that goes on a soft, light contact, is highly responsive and has excellent flexibility throughout his body.  Medallion was jumping 3'3" with a rider and clearing 5'0" free jumping, and was being ridden by all levels of riders from novice to advanced.  In 2007, he started his debut in the Hunter/Jumper ring.  


Medallion was gelded in 2007.  All frozen semen is now sold out permanently.  


Medallion's Show Record:


8th - Table A Jumper (2'6-2'9")
, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit



Double Clear - 2'9 Jumpers, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

Double Clear - 3'0 Jumpers, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

4th - 2'3" Hunter 1, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

3rd - 2'3" Hunter 2, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

2nd - 2'3" Hunter Under Saddle, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

4th - Lo/Hi Novice Hunter Over Fences, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit

2nd - Lo/Hi Novice Hunter Over Fences, Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Trillium Circuit



3rd - Baby Jumper 1 (2'0"-2'3"), Royal Canadian Riding Academy              


German Warmblood/ Zweibrücker (ZW)
16.2hh Cremello




17.0hh Palomino Warmblood 1992

Morgengold I


Malteser Gold (Hessen) by Marduc

Isabella (Hessen)



Philippo (Hanov)

Wembley (Hessen)


VPrST Zweibrücker

16.1hh Palomino Warmblood




Weltmann (Hanov) by Wendekreis

(Ferdinand / Domspatz)

Narzisse (Hanov)



Wilderer (Hanov)

Fortuna (Bayern)

by Granat (Grande)


German Warmblood (ZfDP)

16.2hh Bay




17.1hh Bay


Sultan II ox

Gharib (ox)

Sahmet (ox)

Abendsonne VII Trakehner

Kassius (Trak) by Impuls

Abendlied (Trak)



16.1hh Chestnut


Alfa Romeo


Almé (Selle Français)

Landmaid (Hanov)



Weltferdl (Hanov)

by Grande & Wendekreis

Anna (Hanov) by Almé

Hanoverian 36/62 = 58.1%*

From 24 Hanoverians, 5 Hessen, 4 Selle Français, and 3 Bayern ancestors

Trakehner 11/62 = 17.7%**

From 10 Trakehners and 1 Württemberger ancestors

Arabisches Vollblut/Arabian (ox) 7/62 = 11.3%

Zweibrücker/Rheinland (ZW)/German Warmblood (ZfDP) 6/62 = 9.7%

Englisches Vollblut/Thoroughbred (xx) 1/62 = 1.6%

Hungarian Warmblood 1/62 = 1.6%


Based on 62 ancestors from 5-Generations (Adobe File: 54 KB). 


*The Hessen Horse is based on the most successful genes of Hanover, Westphalia, Oldenburg and Holstein.  Selle Français horses are French Hanoverians.  Bayern horses are Hanoverians born in Bavaria. 

**The Württemberger Horse is based on foundation horses of Trakehner decent.


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