Palomino Warmblood Colt Bali

palomino warmblood bali

Bali as a 2-year-old


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Sabino Palomino Warmblood Colt

German/Swedish Warmblood

16.3-17.0hh (mature)

August 5, 2006

Dam: Jamaica

Swedish Warmblood

"Bali is very good, very calm.  He's so big [16.1hh at 2 years old] that he goes like a draft.  We like him a lot!" 

- Jose Pereira (owner)


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Bay Sabino Warmblood Colt

German/Iberian Warmblood

16.2hh (mature)

February 17, 2006

Dam: Vistosa  

Iberian Warmblood

"Everything you said about Brioso was accurate; I thought I loved him before I even saw him but after today I obviously had no clue! This is the best horse I've ever owned." 

- Kate Platz (owner)

Boweneros as a 2-year-old


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Chestnut Warmblood Colt

German Warmblood/Quarter Horse

15.3-16.0hh (mature)

February 14, 2006


"Beau always comes out to greet me as soon as I go out to the paddock. He is very laid back and enjoys playing with the other horses and foal. I have started lunging him with the saddle on and he is doing very well. I'm looking forward to riding and training him next year and feel that he will be very enjoyable and dependable."

- Beau's owner

Dam: Cheyenne

Quarter Horse

Sophie as a yearling


Bay Sabino Warmblood Filly

German Warmblood/Thoroughbred

April 3, 2007


Bred by Brian Bays


Dam: Ambience


Ohio, USA


"Sophie is doing awesome. She is by far the nicest foal I have ever had on the farm."

- Brian Bays (owner/breeder)

Jasper as a 2-year-old


Cremello Warmblood Colt

German Warmblood/Quarter Horse

July 12, 2007


Bred by David Ginter and Meredith Roberts

Vermont, USA  


"Jasper is doing well, has a very good attitude and looks to be a good hunter/ jumper."  

- David Ginter (owner/breeder)


Dam: Tigers Gold Gemini 

Quarter Horse



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