Buckskin Warmblood Swedish Stallion Catapult

Catapult's Page

Premium Imported Swedish Warmblood 

Approved in 2010 for breeding with SWANA (ASVH)

16.2hh (mature) (measured 16.0hh at 4 y/o) 

Sabino Buckskin Warmblood Stallion 

June 27, 2006

Bloodlines: Calando I, Cor de la Bryère, Colt, Ladykiller, Grand Veneur, Ibrahim, Calaghan 460, Urbino 430


Palomino Warmblood Stallion Medallion

Medallion's Page

Imported German Warmblood (Deutsches Reitpferd ZfDP)

16.2hh Sabino Palomino Warmblood Stallion

March 4, 2002

Bloodlines: Marduc, Wendekreis, Ferdinand, Domspatz, Grande, Impuls, Almé





Baloubet du Rouet's Page

1989 Elite Chestnut Selle Français Stallion

16.3hh (170cm)

By Galoubet A (SF) out of Mesange du Rouet (SF)



Sire of Travola (KWPN)


Cabardino's Page

1999 Premium Bay Sabino Holsteiner

16.1hh (165cm)

By Carpaccio (Elite Holst) out of Klarina (Holst)



Sire of Arriba (AHHA) out of Olé (AHHA)


Cagliostro's Page

1992 Prem-AB Bay Holsteiner/Swedish WB Stallion

17.1hh (175cm)

By Calando I (Elite Holst) out of Zilia (Holst)



Sire of Catapult (ASVH/SWANA)


Chin Chin's Page

1978 Elite Bay Holsteiner Stallion

16.2hh (168cm)

Jumping Index: 166

By Constant (Elite Holst) out of Larese (Holst)


Consul's Page

1984 Bay Dutch Warmblood

17.0hh (172cm)

By Nimmerdor (Pref KWPN) out of Waloniki (Prest KWPN)



Sire of Double Take (KWPN-NA) out of Irissari (ATA)


Concorde's Page

1984 Keur Preferent Bay Dutch Warmblood Stallion

16.3hh (169cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 157, 97% Reliability

By Voltaire (Keur Pref Hanov) out of Flyer (Prest KWPN)


Palomino Warmblood Stallion Medallion

Estrondo de Mangerico's Page

1989 Gray Lusitano Stallion

15.3hh (160cm)
By Manjerico (Lus) out of Habladora (Lus)



Sire of Vistosa (CSHA)


For Play's Page

2000 Elite Chestnut Sabino Hanoverian Stallion

16.2hh (167cm)

By For Pleasure (Elite Hanov) out of Athletin (Hanov)



Sire of Cirque du Soleil (SWB) out of Clair de Lune (SWB)

Guaranteed Gold's Page

1998 Cremello Jockey Club Thoroughbred Stallion

16.1hh (166cm)

By Milkie's Desire (TB) out of Distingold (TB)



Sire of Sable Mouvant (JC) out of Watch the Lady (JC)

Indoctro's Page

1990 Bay Stallion

Preferent Holsteiner

16.3hh (169cm)

By Capitol I (Elite Holst) out of Vanessa VII (Elite Holst) 

2005 Jumping Index: 134

Reliability 94%

German Jumping Index: 153

Quidam de Revel's Page

1991 Elite Bay Selle Français Stallion 

16.3hh (169cm)

By Jalisco B (Elite SF) out of Dirka (Elite SF)



Sire of Miss Quidam (GOV)


Oramé's Page

1996 Bay Dutch Warmblood Stallion

16.3hh (170cm)

2005 Jumping Index: 130

2005 Dressage Index: 105

By Indoctro (Pref Holst) out of Iramé (Keur Elite KWPN)       

Sire of Waltilde (KWPN)

Popeye K's Page

1997 Bay Sabino Dutch Warmblood

17.2hh (179cm)

By Voltaire (Keur Pref Hanov) out of Eloretta (KWPN)



Sire of Doramé (KWPN-NA) out of Waltilde (KWPN)

Viva Voltaire's Page

1996 Elite Chestnut Sabino Hanoverian Stallion 

16.2hh (167cm)

By Voltaire (Keur Pref Hanov) out of Granada (Hanov)



Sire of Volaré (SWB) and Vámonos (SWB) both out of 

Clair de Lune (SWB)



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