From: Jessica Astels

Location: Quebec, Canada

Date: June 21, 2011

Subject: Vámonos


"Vegas" is so pro! He stood for 2 hours on the cross ties the other night while I "prettied" him up.... ok, maybe he fell asleep, but still, what yearling would stand so quietly on the crossties for that long? Even the older horses can't do that! He barely moved a muscle.

When the farrier did his feet for the first time he didn't even know he was still a little stud! He said he was so well behaved he was shocked.  It seems he just handles everything in stride. He is the only horse at the barn that is not afraid of my dog (and her noisy collar).  He is the most quiet horse in the barn, easiest to lead... such a break from all the annoying 4 & 5 yr olds with  no manners.

He has grown so much! his bum must be past my nose now! The lady at the barn says he's bigger than the other yearlings his age.
I am so glad I have him! I couldn't have been more happier!
Thank you!

From: Jen Tarr

Location: Colorado, USA

Date: May 25, 2011 and January 28, 2011

Subject: Irissari


Again - thank you so much for making this whole thing so easy.  It can be difficult to do business with someone across the country who you have never met - trust issues come into play - and you have been the best!  


Palomino Warmblood Trakehner Mare Irissari

Hi Christina - just a quick update to let you know that Iris is pregnant (one last minute breeding - Unbelievable!) Sire is Puerto D'Azur - imported dark bay BWP stallion and winner of his 100 day test. We will hope for a dilute foal. Iris has permanently moved just down the road - though I still own her - and is living with a 60 year old woman who loves her and rides her 2 - 3 times per week. She is getting much more individual attention than she would get here and looks fantastic. If you can believe this, I have had 2 people call and ask if I have any more "just like Iris" She is developing quite the fan base because she is so kind (and forgiving) under saddle. Funny how things work out. Hope you are well - your perlino filly is stunning. Jen Tarr

From: Melissa Polier

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Date: January 1, 2010

Subject: Volaré


Hi Christina, Happy New Year!  A couple are of kid. I sat on him three times and walked around two times this fall. He was awesome all three times. I am going to send, right after this email, photos of the third time I sat on Kid. I did it bareback with a halter and lead rope only. He seems to really enjoy the attention!  


Sincerely, Melissa

From: Lynda Proulx

Location: Canada

Date: October 24, 2009

Subject: Bali


We just recently purchased one of the horses showed on your site and I was wondering if you would like a recent picture of him. We are now the happy owners of Bali. He turned 3 this last August.  He has only been with us for a big 36 hours and we have fallen head over heels for him. He is so sweet and gentle. I must say 

that Jose and his family took excellent care of him. You should be proud he is splendid.



From: Beckett Tobak

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Date: June 2, 2009

Subject: Double Take


Hey Christina! I just wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure Miss Bella was today. I was working on grooming her again today and then I decided to try the big body clippers on her. She stood perfectly still in her paddock 

without even a halter on her. My sister just scratched her on her favorite part on her neck and Bella just let me shave her down. At the moment she is only half done because my blades dulled so she looks a bit funny but overall, I am very proud of her :)


From: Jason and Erin

Location: Ontario, Canada

Date: May 21, 2009

Subject: Arriba


She is a really great filly. She is very sociable, friendly and loves attention. She has a great mind and is going to excel in the hunter ring.  We are going to be showing her on the line this year, so we will keep you updated to the shows we are going to so maybe you could come and see her.

From: Melissa Polier

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Date: April 7, 2008

Subject: Volaré


Hello, Volaré continues to do well and is really so well behaved and very sweet! He definitely has personality as well. I picked his feet today and put hardener on them, he had to tell me that was not his favorite thing! But again let me do it and was such a good boy. 


His temp is good and all is healthy! He really appears to have made the trip and new home adjustment very easily.  Friends came to see him Sunday and loved him! My vet, the one on maternity leave, is going to come for lunch and meet him at the end of the month. Again thank you, I really do love him. He continues to follow me around when I go out and seems to not want me to leave him! He is like a big dog just like my other horse Splash.

Take care and tell Marty hello, Melissa

From: Marie Doane

Location: New York, USA

Date: January 2, 2008

Subject: Clair My Way "Klara"

Klara is very interested in everything, she would like to join you for everything, to use the leaf blower, shovel snowing, swim in the pool, and she gets very disappointed when she can’t come.  She such a nice horse with an absolutely wonderful temperament. She has never (and I mean never) been a problem whatsoever.  Not for the farrier, the vet, my kids, anyone. I just love this horse, she is a very special girl (anyone that meets her tend to agree).

From: Katie Clark 
Location: Michigan, USA
Date: November 8, 2007
Subject: Sable Mouvant "Hazel"
Hi! I haven't spoke with you in a while. The filly is doing great, my neighbors have renamed her Hazel and it kind of stuck. She is so quiet and well behaved, you did a great job raising her.


She is hanging out with my paint filly and Earl the donkey. She loves to be brushed, and my neighbors always go in her pasture and groom her. She is such a sweetie.


She has the most gorgeous head and neck on her, and I hope she stays that dark, I love that color! Thanks so much for letting me purchase her. I can't wait to start showing her. She is so classy looking. 

Thanks again and I will keep in touch.


From: Blake Williams 
Location: Ohio, USA
Date: October 22, 2006
Subject: Astral


Hello, sorry it took me so long, things have been kind of crazy right now! Astral is doing great. She is all tucked in at school. She has the first stall in the barn so she gets to see everything that goes on. 


Everyone loves her and she gets sooo many treats she doesn't know what to do with herself. She has mastered apple eating. It usually takes her 3 bites to eat a whole apple. You have to watch your fingers. :)  I have ridden her once since she's been here. She is just a joy. She is also going to be part of our horse class, we are going to palpate her when she's 4 months. 
Thanks again soo much

Thanks so much!!!


From: Kate Platz

Location: Michigan, USA

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2006

Subject: Brioso


Everything you said about Brioso was accurate; I thought I loved him before I even saw him but after today I obviously had no clue! This is the best horse I've ever owned; once we unloaded him and got him settled into his stall, I just stood there watching him munch his hay 

and clicking his teeth at the other horses, and just marveled at how nice he is just to look at (even w/ his baby fuzz and tall butt!). I have no doubt that he'll continue to impress me.


I guess I'm just trying to thank you (yes, again) for everything; for putting up w/ me for the last year an a half and being so kind and patient. This whole purchase has been a great experience for me; and that's saying a lot considering the most I've ever spent on a horse wasn't half what I paid for Brioso and I have no qualms about that whatsoever. I wish you the best w/ your future breeding projects and judging by what I've seen in Tilly, Jamaica, Beau and Brioso you'll have no problem being a success! I am very happy w/ my purchase from you and will continue to use you and refer to you as a breeder in the future.

From: Sara Hauenstein

Location: Ohio, USA

Date: Monday, July 10, 2006

Subject: Breeding
Words can not express how pleased I have been with my experience in doing business with Christina and Nancy.  They truly have a passion for the business they are in.  I don't think I could have found better people to deal with my first time breeding my mare.  And Medallion.... He is one in a million.  I had the luxury of seeing him in person and was even able to ride him!  He has the athleticism, movement and attitude to go very far in the sport horse world as well as be a stellar sire.  I very much look forward to seeing his future offspring! Thanks again for everything!


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