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CLASS I  Bay Sabino Warmblood Colt 

Registered Swedish Warmblood (SWANA) 

Foaled April 19, 2010

16.2hh mature


"Let's Go!"  Whether you say his name in English or Spanish, this boy is destined to go far with his charming and inquisitive attitude, and his willingness to please.  Vámonos is very laid back, easy to handle, and thinks that people are super fantastic.  He is so friendly and goes out of his way to get pets and scratches.  He is very flashy with his tall hind stockings, small front white coronet, beautiful big star, snip and lower white lip, all wrapped up a bright bay refined and elegant package.  He is so harmonious in his composition that he almost seems to float across the field when he moves.


As with his full brother, Volaré, Vámonos was bred to excel in the hunter, jumper or dressage ring.  Brother Volaré is in training for the hunter ring, but several of Vámonos' maternal siblings are taking the jumper ring by storm and one is well on her way to a dressage career.  His paternal siblings are also very well known and accomplished in the hunter, jumper and dressage ring.  


monos comes from a phenomenal jumping and dressage background via his Elite imported Hanoverian sire, Viva Voltaire, who in 2008, was one placement behind For Pleasure in the USEF Leading Hunter Sire rankings, and who also placed in the Dressage and Jumper Rankings.  Viva Voltaire carries the world-renowned bloodlines of Voltaire  (Preferent), Grannus (Elite), and Argentinus (Premium, 2005 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year).  On Vámonos' dam’s side, he has the #2 ranked Elite Swedish dressage sire, Bernstein 761, along with Asterix 694 (Premium) and Kaliber 574 (Elite), who both have successful dressage and jumper progeny.  


With his dam continuing to produce well-natured foals, and both his sire and dam having numerous successful hunter, jumper and dressage progeny (each), Vámonos is suitable for anyone looking for an all-rounder that can succeed in a multitude of disciplines.  Vámonos has main foalbook papers with the Swedish Warmblood Association of N.A. and was presented to their judges in September 2010 with the following scores:


8 = Type

8 = Head, Neck, Body

8 = Legs

7 = Walk

8 = Trot

8 = Canter


Comments from the judges: "Well developed sport type with good balance and temperament."


47 Points Overall (reserve champion foal) = CLASS I (the highest designation a foal can receive)


SOLD!  Thank you and congratulations to Jessica Astels on the purchase of this gorgeous colt.  We wish you the best of luck in your future together.   


Congratulations to Jenna who named this colt through our third annual Name the Foal Competition!


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Mouse-over a thumbnail to enlarge. Photos of Vámonos at 4 months and 1 year of age.




Viva Voltaire

Elite Hanoverian Chestnut Sabino






Furioso II

Selle Français

Furioso xx

Dame de Ranville SF

Gogo Moeve


Gotthard Hanov

Mosaik Hanov





Elite Hanoverian

Graphit by Grande Hanov

Odessa St. Pr. St. Hanov


St. Pr. St. Oldenburg

Argentinus Prem Hanov

Vollka OLD

Clair de Lune


Buckskin Swedish Warmblood


Bernstein 761

Elite Buckskin Swedish Warmblood 

Napoleon 625
Elite SWB

Iran 533 SWB

Josephine 8620 Elit-prem SWB

Bristol Cream 13548

Elite SWB

Kew Gardens xx

Bragansa 9664 SWB


Swedish Warmblood

Asterix 694

Prem-A SWB

Arram 564 SWB

Naritza 12921 Elit-prem SWB

Kalida 31


Kaliber 574 Elit-prem SWB

Uarda 8633 SWB



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