Buckskin Warmblood Swedish Filly Clair My Way

Buckskin Swedish Warmblood Filly 

Foaled March 23, 2006

16.2hh mature


Clair My Way is an exquisite buckskin Swedish Warmblood filly who is a great granddaughter of the world-famous international show jumper, Voltaire.  Her personality is as spectacular as her looks - you can't go into the paddock without being greeted by her.  She is very easy to handle and extremely friendly.  She has a beautiful big star and snip and one white foot.  She would make an exceptional hunter/jumper or dressage prospect.  


This filly jumped a 3'0" fence just for fun,

and then continued to jump back and forth over it.  If performance and pedigree are a must and you're looking for something that will stand out in a crowd, this filly is your golden ticket.


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SOLD!  Congratulations to Marie Doane, New York, USA (and a native of Sweden!).


Comments from her owner: "Klara is very interested in everything, she would like to join you for everything, to use the leaf blower, shovel snowing, swim in the pool, and she gets very disappointed when she can’t come.  She such a nice horse with an absolutely wonderful temperament. She has never (and I mean never) been a problem whatsoever.  Not for the farrier, the vet, my kids, anyone. I just love this horse, she is a very special girl (anyone that meets her tend to agree)."


Mouse-over a thumbnail to enlarge. Photos of Clair My Way 

at 4 months and 1.5 years of age.




1997 Bay Swedish/Dutch Warmblood

17.0hh (172cm)

Electro 778

Dutch/Swedish Warmblood


Pref. Hanoverian

Furioso II (HANOV)

Gogo Moeve H. (HANOV)



Amor (HOLST)
Ylme (Stb. KWPN)
Stratina II
wedish Warmblood
Hills Double xx Derring Do xx
Pinelopi xx

Bonbon’s Bonita 42


Bonaparte 566 (Elit-prem SWB)

à Utrillo 432 (Elite HANOV)

Stratina 13034 (SWB)

Clair de Lune


1997 Buckskin 

Swedish Warmblood

16.0hh (163cm)

Bernstein 761

Elite Buckskin Swedish Warmblood

Napoleon 625
Elite SWB

Iran 533 (SWB)
Josephine 8620 (Elit-prem SWB)

Bristol Cream 13548
Elite SWB

Kew Gardens xx
Bragansa 9664 (SWB)


Swedish Warmblood

Asterix 694

Prem-A SWB

Arram 564 (SWB)

Naritza 12921 (Elit-prem SWB)

Kalida 31


Kaliber 574 (Elit-prem SWB)

Uarda 8633 (SWB)


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